Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

old cart5/26/2015  We have many great items to report, one is a new cart that was purchased with funds from the Harwood American Legion Gaming Fund. Pictures of the old cart and the new cart are attached and as you can see the new cart is very helpful in providing services to our Veterans in the VA Hospital.

Items that are needed for the VA Hospital are nail clippers, mouth wash, eye glass cleaner, combs, denture cleaner, chap stick lip balm, and men’s deodorant. The VA Home would like Big number alarm clocks, batteries, crafty items, yarn for loom work, and any kind of care items. There is always a need for money for both the VA Hospital and the VA Home, the funds can be sent to the state and they will make sure that the right entity gets the funds.

I want to thank everyone for all of the great reports that you sent in and for all of the great work that everyone does every day for the Veterans in our community. North Dakota is so lucky to have such a caring members that look after the people that have served their country.

Shirley Montgomery
Department VA&R Chairman


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