District 10

District 10

Gigi Moore - President district10@ndala.org

Gigi Moore – President

Thank you for entrusting me to be your District 10 President again. I hope that each unit is starting to work on programs for 2017-2018.

Membership is of the utmost importance. Without our members, we will not have an organization. Remember, it’s not just the membership chairman’s responsibility to get those members to renew, so please help them out.

Cara Rikke - Vice President

Cara Rikke – Vice President

Please send me a list of your Unit Officers as I’ve only received a few of them.

The American Legion will start celebrating its 100th year, summer 2018, in Fargo. If you have anything to share with the Department, please send it in.

If units need anything or would like me to visit, please give me a call and I will be glad to come and help. Again, thanks for your support.




District 10 Units

  • Edgeley Unit 146
  • Ellendale Unit 137
  • Fairmount Unit 106
  • Forbes Unit 277
  • Forman Unit 82
  • Gwinner Unit 191
  • Hankinson Unit 88
  • Lamoure Unit 19
  • Lidgerwood Unit 84
  • Lisbon Unit 7
  • Milnor Unit 148
  • Mooreton Unit 283
  • Oakes Unit 36
  • Rutland Unit 215
  • Sheldon Unit 221
  • Wahpeton Unit 20
  • Walcott Unit 166
  • Wyndmere Unit 153


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