Internal Department Information


The forms are available as pdf files and as an Office file when appropriate.  Please do not hesitate to let the department office know if you ever wish to have a hard copy of the form sent to you; I do not expect you to print everything on your own unless you wish to.

Department Letterhead
Letterhead 2016

Unit Lists
NDActiveUnits2016 (9-2016)   This excel document has a list of all the unit names, numbers and district numbers. It is set up in a way you can use the filters to sort the list or only show certain information based on your filter selection.  
Unit-Checklist-4-column2016  This is an excel document that has all the units on one page, listed in order of unit number. It cannot be easily sorted but is a handy way of seeing all unit names quickly. Note- the units disbanded in the last three years are also on this list, and have been greyed out. Note: Please change Starkweather to Hampden

Expense Reimbursement sheet (also known as “the Green Sheet”). Last updated April 2017.
Expense Reimbursement 4-8-2017 with formulas    (Excel document with formulas -page 2 explanation listed under pdf version)

Expense Reimbursement 4-8-2017 without formulas (Excel document without formulas)

Expense Reimbursement Sheet 2017  (pdf)

Disbanding Instructions and Unit Checklist These checklists are available to help the District President, Department Membership Chairman, the Department Secretary, and the Unit through the disbanding process.
PDF- DPres DMem DSec Instructions for Disbanding
Word- DPres DMem DSec Instructions for Disbanding

PDF- Unit Disbandment Instructions and Checklist
Word- Unit Disbandment Instructions and Checklist

District Meeting Forms

The District Meeting Information form notifies the Department office of the details of the District meetings, which in turn is shared with the President and ALA members. Typically it will be due about 45 days before District meetings.
Word- District Meeting Information Form Spring 2017
PDF- District Meeting Information Form Spring 2017

The Unit Roll Call sheet needs to be returned to the Department office after the District meeting.

PDF-District 10 Roll Call 2016 Word-District 10 Roll Call 2016
PDF-District 9 Roll Call 2016  Word-District 9 Roll Call 2016
PDF-District 8 Roll Call 2016   Word-District 8 Roll Call 2016
PDF-District 7 Roll Call 2016   Word-District 7 Roll Call 2016
PDF-District 6 Roll Call 2016   Word-District 6 Roll Call 2016
PDF-District 5 Roll Call 2016   Word-District 5 Roll Call 2016
PDF-District 4 Roll Call 2016   Word-District 4 Roll Call 2016
PDF-District 3 Roll Call 2016   Word-District 3 Roll Call 2016
PDF-District 2 Roll Call 2016   Word-District 2 Roll Call 2016
PDF-District 1 Roll Call 2016   Word-District 1 Roll Call 2016

The member sign-in sheets are optional. Their intent is to provide a place where members can sign in to District meetings. They do not need to be returned to the Department office and District Presidents may make their own sheet if preferred.
Word-Member-Sign-in-Sheet 2017
PDF-Member-Sign-in-Sheet 2017

This is a Sample press release you may use to reach out to media in your area regarding District meetings.  A list of newspapers in your area will be provided as soon as possible- but it may not be available until Spring District meetings.  (Cat 9/23)
PDF-Sample Press release before meeting
Word-Sample Press release before meeting
I recommend visiting the National website for their PR toolkit.   -Cat 9/23

ND Newspaper list, as distributed at organizational meeting 7/2014: Excel Newspaper list  PDF Newspaper list

This information was provided by Marlys at the start of her term 2013-2014.
District Meeting Unit info provided by Marlys

Before the Spring District meetings a letter similar to the one below will be sent to the hostess units.
PDF-Unit President letter in hostess town
Word- Unit President letter in hostess town


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