DSCF0504The American Legion Auxiliary!  What is it?  Why is it? Who is it for?

The American Legion Auxiliary was started in 1919 after World War I.  During the war the women supported their husbands and served at home while the men served their country.  The American Legion was started to carry forward their services to the country in peacetime, and the women continued to serve with them, thus the beginning of THE AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY.  The first year enrollment of the auxiliary was 121,000 and approximately 500,000 by the beginning of World War II.  By 1955 the enrollment was 1,001,545, and since that time it has remained around 800,000, the largest women’s patriotic organization.  We are trying to attain one million again by 2019—our l00th anniversary. If each of us asks one woman or an eligible junior to become a new member, we will surpass that goal.  We can do it!!!

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