Butte Cookie DriveHow to Recognize an American Legion Auxiliary Member

Say, tell me have you seen her…that Auxiliary volunteer?

She was in the hospital yesterday, spreading hope and cheer.

Last week she was at a local school, thanking all the teachers, And at a Legion baseball game, cheering from the bleachers.

She wears a veteran-made Poppy next to her Auxiliary pin,
And has a kind word ready with a warm and welcoming grin.

IMG_0162When she sees Old Glory, her hand crosses over her heart.

She loves God and her country, and she’s made “giving” an art.

For Auxiliary means “Service Not Self,” that’s how it’s supposed to be.

We honor all who serve and have served to keep our country free.

We strongly embrace traditions, and try to do what’s right,
To help in our communities and make right the Master of might.

All our Auxiliary programs are much too vast to mention,
But if you let her know that you’ve got a “good intention” She’ll invite you to a meeting and then first-hand you’ll see The richness of the blessing being an Auxiliary member can be.

Milton flag disposal June 14 2013We’re mothers, wives and daughters, sisters and granddaughters too
And women veterans in their own right that have served our country, who Know that “Freedom Isn’t Free”…it comes at a very high price,
And giving back is what we do to honor the sacrifice.

It is our prayer that someday all the wars will cease,
And the whole world will enjoy everlasting peace.

Until that day comes forth, our service will not end.

“For God and Country” we shall serve, faithfully…Amen.

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