2014-2015 North Dakota Department President Arla Roth

2014-2015 North Dakota Department President Arla Roth

A Note from President Arla Roth

Good morning Ladies! I know it probably won’t be morning when you read this, but it is now, when I’m writing. It’s a beautiful morning, the sun is shining, there’s no wind (an unusual occurrence for North Dakota) and we had some rain yesterday so everything is looking clean and fresh. I can hear some of you saying, “Rain? What’s so unusual about that?”, but remember, I live in what I call the desert southwest of North Dakota, it can be very dry here so we take rain when we can get it and are grateful for it.

I don’t remember if I wrote to you earlier, but in case I didn’t, we had a good turnout for our organizational meeting and I think it was quite productive, the district Presidents brought their three ring binders up to date and the chairmen worked on their plan of action. The finance board worked overtime but got done with all they had to do, as did Girls State.

The next thing on the to-do list is national convention, which I’m leaving for tomorrow, today is washing clothes and packing. And after that is District meetings, I’m sorry to get the dates and places to you so late, I think you got that already,so I won’t put it in this writing. The day after the District meetings, on October 11 is the recognition night for myself, Commander Don Weible and Chef DeGare BJ Brazil at the Ramkota Inn in Bismarck, (it used to be the Doublewood). I hope each and every one of you are planning on attending. Commander Don tells me that the cutoff date for hotel reservations is September 15, so don’t delay! I’m going to go and make mine right now. See you there!

Arla Roth
Department President

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