District 5

District 5


Mary Anseth - President

Mary Anseth – President district5@ndala.org

In June, at the Department Convention, I was installed as President of District 5. My membership started in 1984 when my mother gave her six girls their first memberships. I became active in Unit 133 after my husband, Marv, and I moved to Turtle Lake and I retired from the American Red Cross.

Since taking office, I met with past District 5 President Katie Pulley and current District 4 President Joan Lasher to orient myself to the responsibilities of the position and transfer records. I have been reviewing information on each of the District 5 units. I know about the membership numbers, officer names and meeting schedules. I am now looking forward to meeting with each unit or President over the next few months to learn how your unit operates and about your main projects. For example, Unit 133 of Turtle Lake obtains most of its operational budget by co-sponsoring (with the American Legion) the Memorial Day program and salad luncheon that is well attended by the community.

District 5 needs someone to volunteer to take the position of District Vice President. The duties are to spend two years learning about the ALA operation on the District and Department level. The Vice President is responsible for recording the minutes at the Fall and Spring District meetings. If possible, I would like the person to accompany me on visits to a few of the Unit meetings to learn how others operate. At the end of the two years, the Vice President would become the new District President.

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Units in District 5

Ashley Unit 53
Bismarck Unit 1
Fredonia Unit 260
Garrison Unit 49
Hazelton Unit 126
Linton Unit 54
Napoleon Unit 72
Turtle Lake Unit 133
Washburn Unit 12
Wilton Unit 163
Wing Unit 65
Wishek Unit 87

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