Streeter Donation Drive

Pyramid stack of 80 boxes to be shipped overseasI helped organize a soldier donation drive this past November. I currently send care packages to two soldiers per month. These care packages include toiletries, protein snacks, candies, other food items and condiments along with reading materials. The group I got names through is ” Operation Showing the Deployed Some Much Needed Love.” They have been around just over 5 years and the gentlemen that started this was a vet himself. He truly knows just how it feels to be away and how important it is to know we care and appreciate what they go through. I just felt I wanted and had to so something more. They appreciate everything so much and it gives them, if even for a moment, a feeling of home. I did this as a community donation drive. I used Facebook and flyers to get the word out. One of the hotels here in Fargo, ND, donated their space. We ended up being able to ship 80 boxes! I have heard from a handful of soldiers who received them and currently hear from mine about once a month. My sister Andrea and daughter Emma, who are also Auxiliary members, were a HUGE help in this as well. We hope to do this again. We would love to hold a drive once a year here in Fargo. Thank you to those who gave in support of our deployed soldiers!helpers putting together care packages-names unknown

Erin Allguire
Streeter Unit #265

Fundraiser for Membership: Apparel sales help fulfill our strategic plan mission of using branding and department advertising.

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Did you know that you can now call national headquarters to pay your dues? The number to call is 317- 569-4500. They will help you especially if you have multiple members that you are paying for. I did this, and it was quick and easy to pay for my additional members.

Anyone can access  At the top of the site is a “join” tab. Fill out the application and pay. Every department (state) has their dues listed there. New members would become a part of ND Unit 500, and then can be transferred  to their desired unit. This is a great help because, if you are talking to someone and you would like them to join, you can have them sign up right at that time. I put the website as an app on my phone and hope to use this feature many times.

Shirley Montgomery