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Lynn Tomlinson – Historian

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Administrative Year,

Your 2016-2017 history was submitted! That undertaking was not possible without your help.  Seventy-five units responded through mid-year or year-end impact, narrative or history form reports and photos, news clippings and memorabilia sent to me throughout the reporting year of April 1 to March 31.

Read the complete 2016-2017 Department of North Dakota History listed below this article. And, please keep sending information so I can compile the many accomplishments of our units and members as I was again elected Department Historian.

For those who attended Convention, I hope you had the opportunity to look at the President’s Scrapbook presented to Diane.  Thanks to these units who sent contributions, Belcourt, Belfield, Carrington, Donnybrook, Dunseith, Fargo, Gackle, Grafton, Grand Forks, Hazelton, Lidgerwood, McClusky, McHenry, McVille, Minot, Napoleon, Rolla, Rutland, Streeter, Wahpeton and White Shield.

I have simplified the guidelines for submitting a unit history for competition at Department Convention. Following the guidelines is important, but most important is keeping a visual record of all the great activities units and members complete. I am looking forward to seeing what units enter.

Keep tooting ND ALA’s horn and send me the info from your unit’s and members’ activities.  My address is PO Box 1088, Rolla ND 58367-1088.  If you choose, you can email reports, pictures and scanned news articles to me at historian@ndala.org.

Lynn Tomlinson, Department Historian

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