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View Volume 1 Issue 8 of the membership newsletter Faith, Family, Freedom, dated April 2015.

Read the Membership Message for April 2015 from the National membership chairman Anita Biggs.

News from Linda Freezer, Northwestern Division Membership Chairman

“Three Departments in Northwestern Division have moved UP in their Numeric Goals: Wyoming moved UP 5 levels, North Dakota moved UP 4 levels, and Montana moved UP 1 level.

The growth in all the Divisions is slowing.

The NW Division continues to stay on TOP but the margins between the other Divisions are growing smaller – so we need to work to increase our numbers so we can continue to “lead the pack”!

Our Northwest Division is faring better in the Renew/Rejoin Race with all of our Departments in the TOP 22 positions! All of the NW Division Departments are still down from the number of members they had last year at this time.

I want to thanks all of you for continuing to “pound the pavement” for the members you are getting to renew for 2015, and for the new members you are recruiting…also the Rejoins you are getting back in our organization.

We ALL know this is the TOUGHEST TIME of the year to get our membership in and I applaud you all for working with your Department to make the personal contacts which are often the “frosting on the cake” when it comes to getting a renewal, rejoin, or new member!”

Linda Freezer
Northwestern Division Membership Chairman


I hope with this encouraging report that some “April Showers of great membership numbers” will bring some great “May membership flowers (numbers)” so our bouquet of units with 100% will bloom brightly in June at Department Convention.

Come on ladies, let’s keep your membership chairmen…Department and Northwestern Division Chairmen happy and excited about a ‘blooming jump’ in membership submission.

Thank you in advance,

Judy Twete, 2014-2015 Membership Chairman
701-322-5622 (home) –  701-739-8705 (cell)

Information for Unit Membership Chairmen

Helpful forms

  •  Use this form when submitting membership dues for members.  Page two is optional; the list of names may be submitted in any format.
    Membership Submission Form (dues payment) revised 6 2014 (pdf)
    Membership Submission Form (dues payment) revised 6 2014 (excel)
  • Member Data Form This form can be used to submit name, address and other changes for members.  Changes can also be emailed to
  • PUFL application *Please note the rate change as of September 1, 2014. In order to be a PUFL member for the year 2015, the application must be received by the Department office by December 1, 2014. Any applications received after that date will be processed for the 2016 membership year.
  • Dues Reminder Statement This form may be used to send reminders to members who have not paid dues.  Reminders are automatically sent to members who have not paid their dues in mid-September and mid-January.

Additional Resources

Visit the National American Legion Auxiliary webpage on Membership   This page is part of the “Members Only” section and requires a login to access. For help logging in, contact the Department office.

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