Membership Reports

Membership Reports

National reports

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Department Reports

Saved for Service Boxes

As of 5/18/2015

Money collected to use for incentive:

  • $48.00   Collected from organizational meeting
  • $29.00   Donation from District 3
  • $19.00   Donation from Oakes
  • $19.00   Donation from District 4
  • $19.00   Donation from District 5
  • $19.00   Donation from Unit 2, in memory of Rita Gust
    • Total collected: $153

Saved for Service turned in by units
These units were the first to collect enough in their Saved for Service box to pay for a member’s dues and therefore receive matching funds to pay for another member’s dues:

  • 9/9   Unit 235, Rolla paid Fern Simons, senior member MATCHED with Jenny Huovinen
  • 9/15   Unit 88, Hankinson paid Lenora Jaeger, senior member
  • 10/18   Unit 20 Wahpeton paid for Louise M Dosch, senior member MATCHED with Doris Fitzpatrick
  • 10/24 Unit 135  McVille paid for Brenda McCollum, senior member
  • 2/9/2015 Unit 135 McVille paid for Debra Kinneberg, senior member
  • 2/12/2015 Unit 88 Hankinson paid for Mary Gray, senior member
  • 3/8/2015 Unit 163 Wilton paid for Victoria Loney, senior.   MATCHED with Marjorie O’Berg
  • 3/16/2015 Unit 30 New Rockford paid for Brenda Valdivia, senior member
    •  Total claimed by units: $152

Saved to Serve monies collected by units, but there are no more matching dollars remaining:

  • 3/17 Unit 0020 Wahpeton paid 2014 dues for Doris Fitzpatrick
  • 3/27 Unit 0006 Grand Forks paid 2015 dues for Eileen Anderson, Eileen Nelson
  • 4/14 Unit 0025 Carrington  collected $96.18 which was put towards member dues.

Honor our Female Veterans

The following new members joined under the “Honor our Female Veterans” program:

  • Kimberly Gonzales, McVille
  • Judith Sateren, McVille
  • Victoria McPherson, McVille
  • Erica Claus-Numsali, Grand Forks
  • Anna Spivey, Langdon
  • Darlene Tocchio, Drayton
  • Rachelle M Barendt Klein, Wahpeton
  • Carina O Wittmier, Streeter


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