Junior Activities

Robbin Witkowski - Chairman

Robbin Witkowski – Chairman

Let’s start the year off with a BANG!!  Make sure and get those Junior Members out and involved.

Invite them to your first meeting and let them know you want them to help as much as they can. There are many programs out there that they can get involved with. Adopt a Soldier is a program were they would receive a soldiers name and address to write letters to and send an occasional package.  Invite them to help out at your District Meeting. Have them carry in flags, be a page, or help serve and fix the meal.

Our junior members are always so busy with school, and sports remind them that they can teach other kids through their actions when they stop and show respect to the flag, or sing the National Anthem at a game, also if they can help with raising and lowering the flag at school.  Help them set up a drive at school to receive donations to send to the Veterans Home or the Veterans Hospital.

Remember they are the future of our organization and they are the future leaders of our country.

Thanks for all you did last year and lets continue to grow or junior members activities.

Robbin Witkowski

Junior Activities Chairman

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