Junior Activities

Junior Activities

Grace Zeller - Chairman

Grace Zeller – Chairman

Hello everyone!!

My name is Grace Zeller and I am very excited to be the Junior Activities Chair this year!!

I would like for us all to focus on engaging our Junior members and their families and being seen in the community. Invite them to the meetings and the events that you host! Give them a job, even if it is as simple as helping serve food, or leading the Pledge of Allegiance.  A few ideas that my local unit and post have done include: carrying in the flags at District meetings, carrying a wreath to be placed at a memorial, going door to door to hand out poppies and helping with our annual Pine Car Derby.

Our Junior members are active in school and extra-curricular activities, so it can sometimes be difficult to reach them. So, instead of trying to engage them outside of school, go to them in school. Talk with the schools and try to reach out to all the students. Give a presentation about flag etiquette, work with the teachers and work with the local unit poppy chair to hold a poppy poster contest, or even have them sing the national anthem at games. If we can show that it is okay to volunteer and give back to our communities, the younger generations will follow suit.

Remember, our Juniors are the future of the organization.

I look forward to working with and hearing from everyone!

Grace Zeller, Junior Activities Chair

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